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Write your Valentine a secret message on the hidden inside of a hexaflexagon.

The Template
Kissing Bunnies Hexaflexagon

Here is a great video from Mathematician, Vi Hart, showing what hexaflexagons are, how much fun they are to fold and play with!
I made a valentine's day template with kissing bunnies and lotus flowers.  One side is left blank for you to write your special message.  Click Here to Download my Rabbit Kissing Template.

How to Assemble
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I was recently asked to read a scientific paper (Survival and Movement of Rehabilitated White-Tailed Deer Fawns in Connecticut by Scott Williams and Michael Gregonis, 2015) that is actively being used to make policy decisions across the country regarding the rehabilitation of orphaned deer. I found that this paper is being unjustly applied to very different situations than those researched in the paper. I have written a detailed review/critique of the paper, here.

Nursing Deer
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