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At this year's Build Madison event, I made copper pipe table legs.

I started by designing/planning it.  It had to be counter height, and it had to allow knees to comfortably fit under the table.  I already had the chairs and a bench I wanted to use, as well as a slab table top I had gotten at Wood Craft.  The bench was nearly too wide for the table top, so having legs in the corners of the table top was not going to work.  I designed a copper pipe pedestal table.

I purchased these Art Van Noah stools and bench, which are bar-height, so I had to cut them down using a table saw.

Above-view showing how the stools and people's knees will fit with the pedestal table.

I used 3 ten-foot poles of 1 inch type L copper pipe from Home Depot.  For the fittings, I got them online from Supply House, because its about 1/3rd the price.  The sheet below shows how many fittings I needed.

Copper is easy to solder together with a propane torch.

I spent a fair amount of time polishing it with steel wool while enjoying the company of the other people at the 24-hour Build Madison event.

All done and in-place!

We used pipe clips (the same type use to hold pipes up against walls) to secure the pedestal to the top.  
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I made some holiday lighted, scented pine cones on the laser cutter.

They were featured in the Isthmus Newspaper.

Here is a presentation about how they are made.

You can see more of the pine cones at
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