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The Howard Hughes Medical Institute published part 2 of the infographics I helped them with for their NOVA special on Vaccines.

Portion of an Infographic
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I made this animation to help describe the concept behind the NSA Away encryption device.  The NSA Away was Sector67's submission to the 2014 Hackaday prize.  We made it to the semifinals, and won a $1K box of electronics and a 3D printer for our Makerspace.

Cartoon from the NSA Away

Here is a news article about the NSA Away.
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I drew this figure for the Chanda Lab illustrating how a particular amino acid on an ion channel interacts with it's environment and effects the Kinetics of the channel's opening and closing.
Read the article here.

Chowdhury et al figure
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I drew the images in a methods animation for a Journal of Visualized Experiments article, which is a video-based science journal.  It's about a technique to culture and visualize hippocampal neurons and it is written by the Lochner lab at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon (my Alma mater).  Unfortunately, you can only watch the full video if your IP address is on the campus of a university that subscribes to JoVE.

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