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Roots Music Christmas!

Consider giving your holiday mix a warm-up with these Christmas songs that you aren't tired of.
I heard many of these for the first time on the Root Music Project Radio Program.


God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - The Legendary Shack Shakers iTunes
Got to Get You Under my Tree - Sonny Landreth iTunes
Last Month of the Year - Tarbox Ramblers (recently removed from iTunes, so get the Chris Isaak version instead)
March of the Toys - Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra iTunes
Merry Christmas from the Family - Robert Earl Keen iTunes
O! Santa - Chathum Country Line iTunes
Pimp My Sleigh - Houseman iTunes
Sugar Rum Cherry - David Berger and the Sultans of Swing iTunes
(There's no Place like) Home for the Holidays - Leon Redbone iTunes
We Three Kings - Los Straitjackets iTunes
White Christmas - The Ravens iTunes
You're a Mean One, Mr. Ginch - Thurl Ravenscroft iTunes
Zat You Santa Claus - Ingrid Lucia iTunes
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How to calculate the area of an object and length of a path in Adobe Illustrator using Scripts.

I have needed to calculate the area of a shape in order to determine the acreage of a perspective property plot, and to measure the length of a pen-tool-traced transgenic seedling root. Measuring area, perimeter, and length is not built into Illustrator, but there is an easy work around.

This technique should work for all recent (perhaps all) versions of Adobe Illustrator. Telegraphics makes a nice plug-in for finding area and lengthlength in Illustrator, but it doesn’t work for the lastest versions: Adobe Illustrator CS6 nor Adobe Illustrator CC. The technique I will describe here is just as easy to use, and more universal.

  • Step 1: Either download this file, or make one yourself.
  • To make it yourself, paste this text into a simple text file (like notepad): Notepad icon
    alert("Area & Length (inches)\nArea: " + (Math.abs(app.activeDocument.selection[0].area/5184).toFixed(3)) + "\nLength: " + (app.activeDocument.selection[0].length/72).toFixed(3));
    Save the file as AreaLength.JS

  • Step 2: Open your file in Illustrator and select the path or object that you want to measure.

  • Step 3: Click on “FILE” and scroll down to ‘scripts.’ Select “Other Script.” A file dialog window should open up. Find and select AreaLength.JS. A small window will pop up that states the area and length/perimeter in inches.

  • Some details & options

    Do you plan to use it often?

    Then you might want this script to appear on the quick menu within illustrator so that you don’t have to navigate through your files every time you use it.

    Here is where I put it on my PC to successfully make it show up in the menu:

    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CC (64 Bit)\Presets\en_US\Scripts


    This script rounds the decimal points to 3. If you want more or less, you can open AreaLength.JS in notepad/text editor and change “toFixed(3)” to a different number. I would like to thank the Adobe community for the tips on rounding.


    Would you like to measure your paths in other units instead?

    Change the text in the file.


    alert("Area & Length (centimeters)\nArea: " + (Math.abs(app.activeDocument.selection[0].area/803.521617).toFixed(3)) + "\nLength: " + (app.activeDocument.selection[0].length/28.346567).toFixed(3));


    alert("Area & Length (millimeters)\nArea: " + (Math.abs(app.activeDocument.selection[0].area/8.03521617).toFixed(3)) + "\nLength: " + (app.activeDocument.selection[0].length/2.8346567).toFixed(3));

    You can change it other units too. The default would give you the units in px, and there are 72 px per inch. Thus, in the ‘inch’ unit script we take the length is divided by 72, and the area is divided by 5184, which is 72 squared. If you make a new script, I recommend testing it on a shape of known size. You can do this by selecting the rectangle tool, single clicking once on the canvas. A dialog will pop up. Type in “1 cm” for width and “1 cm” for height (for example).

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