Beautiful Fraud

Posted by K8Baldwin K8Baldwin

My facebook feed advertisements have recently been taken over by ads for electric surfboards. Boy, they look like a lot of fun, and they only cost $199!

I immediately saw that this was “too good to be true” and looked into what the scam was. I was seeing ads for the same surfboard from at least 3 different companies including, Yaever, 2sBest, Bingodone, Fansunit, and Gifteduct. All three have terrible reviews around the web. Apparently, the jist of the scam is quite simple: They charge your credit card and never send you anything, or if they do send you something, it’s nothing at all like you ordered.

I made a spreadsheet of these websites and review links.

These Fraudsters are ripping off the eFoil Lift, which can be legitimately purchased here. The real product is $12,000 and they include a helpful safety video. When you compare the bogus website’s images to the real manufacture, you can even see how they photoshoped out the ‘wing’ logo.

It's a real shame this sort of crime goes on with apparently little consequences for the international fraudsters. I hope this post can help potential victims from falling for this scam.