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Write your Valentine a secret message on the hidden inside of a hexaflexagon.

The Template
Kissing Bunnies Hexaflexagon

Here is a great video from Mathematician, Vi Hart, showing what hexaflexagons are, how much fun they are to fold and play with!
I made a valentine's day template with kissing bunnies and lotus flowers.  One side is left blank for you to write your special message.  Click Here to Download my Rabbit Kissing Template.

How to Assemble
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I was recently asked to read a scientific paper (Survival and Movement of Rehabilitated White-Tailed Deer Fawns in Connecticut by Scott Williams and Michael Gregonis, 2015) that is actively being used to make policy decisions across the country regarding the rehabilitation of orphaned deer. I found that this paper is being unjustly applied to very different situations than those researched in the paper. I have written a detailed review/critique of the paper, here.

Nursing Deer
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Tonight I am presenting at the Sector67 Monthly Meeting a little project I made this summer to hold my phone properly aligned on it's wireless charger.  Here is a link to my presentation.

Kate's Laser-Cut Charging Cradle
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Brennan Nardi wrote an article about Sector67 in this month's Madison Magazine, and mentioned how I helped her daughter with a school project. Thank you Brennan!

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Once again, Brian Vesperman and I partnered to make awards for an Isthmus event, The Beer and Cheese Fest. We were given access to the lovely artwork of Tommy Washbush, which we used to make laser engraved wood and acrylic wall plaques for Best Beer, Best Cheese, and Best Booth awards.

We used Chicago Screws and laser cut washers to off-set the acrylic from the wood.

On the back, we gave credit to the illustrator (Tommy Washbush), and our makerspace, Sector67.
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My friend, Brian Vesperman, and I were asked to make a 3D-printed trophy for the cask ale winner at the 2016 OktoBEERfest in Madison.

Kate and Brian

We were asked to incorporate a firkin, (a small steel cask) into the design.
The Trophy

At the event, Brian and I manned a tent where we demonstrated 3D printing.
Sector67 tent at OktoBEERfest
The Trophy and my Husband, Jeremy

I designed the firkin and wine stem in OpenSCAD, and Brian designed the hops handles in MeshMixer.
Partial Design

The parts of the Trophy

Using the logo from the event, I designed an acrylic label to go on the firkin.  A spot for the label was embedded in to the firkin design.  Brian used a rub-on paint to blacken the engraved letters.

Brian printed the trophy parts on a Lulzbot TAZ 4.  We painted them with metallic paints, including brass paint to which we applied a patina.

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This week I will be presenting at the Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) Data Visualization workshop in Madison.
I will be presenting on:

--Preparing Conceptual Models
--Makeovers of figures submitted by attendees
--Crash Course in Adobe Illustator

For information about downloading Adobe Illustator CS2, see this previous blog entry.

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Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic has made a great mini-lecture available online about how thoughtful use of color can make graphs easier to understand and interpret.
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I prefer Adobe products for my image editing, but a lot of the scientists I talk to want to use Power Point.  This slide deck by Mary Williams explains how to take advantage of the tools in Power Point to make better images.

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This Thursday, (June 2nd,) I'm giving a presentation about scientific posters at the SaferSim Symposium in the Pyle Center. Here is a link to my Prezi Presentation.
image from my presentation Adobe Color: empirically tested schemes
DoIT link to Lynda tutorial videos
Wisc Software for student membership to Adobe Cloud (latest versions of ALL adobe software) for $234 per year

How to download Adobe CS2 Illustrator and Photoshop (2005): now has an 11 year old version of Illustrator and Photoshop for download. I love the latest versions of these software because they’ve added a lot of great features. But if you are not ready to buy into the latest creative suite, perhaps this old version will wet your appetite for Adobe products. Installing this software is a little tricky because it’s so old compared to modern operating systems. But I’ve seen it work on Windows 7 PCs, if you follow these modified instructions. I assume it's simular for Mac, but the serial number is different (1130-0412-8377-1896-9751-5759).
  1. Download CreativeSuiteCS2Disc1, CreativeSuiteCS2Disc2, CreativeSuiteCS2Disc3, and CS_2.0_WWE_Extras_1 to a local drive (compatibility mode won't work on a networked drive).
  2. Right click on each of those files mentioned above and click properties.
  3. Go to the Compatibility tab.
  4. Put a check on the “Run this program in compatibility mode for” then select Windows XP with Service Pack 3.
  5. Then under Privilege Level, place a check on “Run this program as administrator”
  6. Click OK
  7. Ignore CreativeSuiteCS2Disc1 for now.
  8. Double Click CreativeSuiteCS2Disc2.
  9. IMPORTANT: Change the destination folder to C:\Creative Suite CS2\Adobe Creative Suite 2.0\ (the default is the wrong folder).
  10. If it says Unable to create the specified output folder! - just click OK.
  11. It should finish.
  12. Now double click CreativeSuiteCS2Disc3.
  13. This time the destination folder should automatically be correct: C:\Creative Suite CS2\
  14. CS_2.0_WWE_Extras_1 is apparently optional. I don't know what it really contains. You can allow this one to unpack in its default folder.
  15. Now you can double click CreativeSuiteCS2Disc1. It's default folder should be correct: C:\Creative Suite CS2
  16. Ignore Quicktime 6 message
  17. Accept Agreement
  18. Paste Serial 1130-1414-7569-4457-6613-5551
  19. Now you need to change the location as C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe is not valid. Change it to C:\Progra~2\Adobe
  20. You might have to wait a few seconds for the 'next' button to un-grey. If the next button stays greyed out, click back, then go forward with the next button. All should now be good.
  21. Select ‘Do not Register’ on drop down on the registration page.
Enjoy the software and I hope it will encourage you try the latest versions.
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